On Bush…

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Well.. Bush is set to make his “State of the Union” address this week…

I’m sure in addition to telling us how well the country is doing, it will be another one of those speeches where he proclaims how well we’re doing in Iraq, how the gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry, how Alaska needs to be rapped of it’s wildlife for oil, and how the poor don’t mean shit.

I’m sorry Mr. Bush. I can’t stand by and let you go up there and be so out of touch with the reality of this world.

1. No matter how much people spout out how well it’s going, Iraq is going to hell. It’s this generation’s Vietnam. Honestly, I think we need to seriously start to look at getting out of there sooner rather than later. I mean, it’s bad enough that reporters are being taken hostage and now we even have one (plus photog) who has been injured in an IED attack.

2. Gay marriage. Legalize it. Now. Don’t give me your religious BS about how “God doesn’t want it” or the BS about “How it destroys the sanctity of marriage”. Dude, look around… What is it now something like 50% of traditional marriages fail? What do you have to say about that? How does protect that “sancitity” thing you’re talking about? Oh and to all you religious fucks, show me the EXACT PROOF that says gay marriage is forbidden. Not some passage where it says one thing but you tell me that it means gays are evil and bad and shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

3. Alaska. Oy.. Why are we drilling for oil there instead of looking for alternative sources of engery such as E-85, solar power, wind power, etc. You know, when I buy a new car I think I’m going to look into getting a so called “Flex-fuel” car, if not a hybrid. E-85 is a very interesting source of fuel. Did you know it is made from corn? Now, let’s see, there’s an abundant source of corn in the mid-west of this country. It doesn’t take much to put 2 and 2 together. Of course, it’s just 1 way we can get this country off the reliance of the mid-east and OPEC.

4. The poor. Yeah.. Bush and company don’t care about them. I was just reading an article, I think it was in Rolling Stone, that was talking about how Bush has essentially gutted social programs to pay for the subsidies to big business such as the pharmasutical industry or the tax cuts for the top 1% or whatever it is of the weathest people in the nation. (Which of course is Bush and Company and all their cronies and friends) Then of course, there’s what’s happening down in New Orleans. Look at how virtually nothing has been done in the 9th ward (ie the heaviest of the flooded areas). Wait, I take that back, it seems that the City of New Orleans is now trying to bulldoze homes.

Ok.. I really need to wrap this up before I get long-winded…

Bush is bad for the country and I seriously hope that Dems get a majority in the mid-term elections. Especially since I heard a rumor that they’d do what Congress won’t now, investigate the Bush-Abramoff link. But that’s for another time.


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